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Pelvic Floor Connect

Pelvic floor connect is an invitation to engage with your pelvic floor muscles, pelvis and pelvic organs in a way you may never have considered before.

Through its supportive, informative and restorative classes it offers you the opportunity to bring awareness and deeply connect with this intimate, sacred area of your body.

Dates: May 4th, 11th, 18th 25th 2021

Time: 6am UK, 7am EU, 3pm NSW, 5pm NZ

Cost: £40

Where: Online platform - Zoom

Recordings available after each session

Gentle Breath Meditation ™

This is a very simple meditation that can be done in a seated or laying down position. It focuses on being gentle with your breath and with your body and gives you a moment to step out of the busy-ness of life and into a space that supports you to let go and be in stillness.


Current classes run on Monday and Wednesday evenings. For further information or to book please email via link below.

iSight meets connect

This next programme of four online sessions will take us more deeply into the neck and throat area and explore the delicate interactions with the eyes and the way we perceive the world around us.

When we connect to the honesty of the body and allow

the spaciousness on offer, immediacy is a given and

re-attainment of true iSight can commence.  

Presenters: Gabriele Conrad and Jane Torvaney

Dates: Thurs 18th, 25th Feb,  4th, 11th Mar 2021

Time: UK 6pm

Cost: £40 for the series

A recording will be available after each session

Exploring the girdles

This 3 week online course explores the beautiful interactivity between the shoulder and pelvic girdles, the diaphragm and the spine. Through presentations, gentle awareness and connective tissue exercises we shall look at everyday actions, feeling from the inside out how sensitively the whole body responds to even the smallest movements and the impact this has in allowing us free flowing integrative movement throughout.

Dates  TBC Please contact Jane for further information

Sole Connect Class

Join Sole Connect. Our get to know your feet online classes are a fun and fully interactive way to deepen your connection to your amazing feet and how they support you throughout the day. Learn tips on self care for your feet that will benefit the whole of you.

Dates: TBC Please contact Jane for further information

Space Connect

Announcing a new online class – Space connect, an opportunity to give your body a gentle work out when you are sitting in a tight space. Whether, travelling by car, train or plane, or simply sitting for periods at a desk, this class will support you to connect to your body and the space within and gently exercise from that connection


Dates: TBA

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