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Space Connect

Announcing a new online class – Space connect, an opportunity to give your body a gentle work out when you are sitting in a tight space. Whether, travelling by car, train or plane, or simply sitting for periods at a desk, this class will support you to connect to your body and the space within and gently exercise from that connection


Dates: Wed 6th, 13th and 27th November

Time:   6am UK time

Cost:   £30 for the series

Recordings will be available for each class as well as support to create your own mini workout programmes.

Please contact Jane for further information or book here.

iSight-Healing Connect Programme

Connect will bring focus to your head and neck and through gentle awareness and postural exercises support you to connect deeply to this area and its integration with the whole body.  

iSight Healing allows us to feel how we use and abuse our eyes in daily life; this part will introduce gentle eye awareness exercises, support you to break away from being on auto-pilot and connect iSight to the rest of the body, especially the neck, jaw as well as the facial muscles.

Dates: 9, 16, 23 and 30 July

Time: 7am – 8:15am UK, 4pm – 5:15pm NSW

Cost: £60

Recordings available for each class

Meditation Groups

Carried out in a comfortable seated position or lying down Gentle Breath Meditation is accessible to all. Free downloads are available through Unimed Living or why not attend a Gentle Breath Meditation Group? See the events page for more info.

Sole Connect Class

Join Sole connect. Our get to know your feet online classes are a fun and fully interactive way to learn more about your unique feet, their posture and how they support you throughout the day. Learn tips on self care for your feet that will benefit the whole of you.

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Pelvic Floor Connect

Pelvic floor connect is an invitation to engage with your pelvic floor muscles, pelvis and pelvic organs in a way you may never have considered before.


Through its supportive informative and deeply restorative classes it offers you the opportunity to bring awareness and deeply connect with this intimate, sacred area of your body.

For details of further classes click here

Head and Neck Connect

Support your body by connecting to your posture and alignment in these gentle online classes. With headaches and neck pain a common complaint in everyday life, join a head and neck connect class and step into a world where you can learn about your posture, your movements and ways that can support you throughout the day, every day.

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