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Pelvic floor connect

This online 6 part series explores our connection with this sensitive, delicate, sacred part of our body. As we build a deeper relationship with our pelvis, its muscles and connective tissue and its integration with the entire body, much can be revealed.

Dates: Tues 7, 14, 21, 28 Feb,  7, 14 Mar 2023

Time: 6am UK 30 min sessions

Cost: £40

Recordings available until 30th Mar 2023

The Spine.. Moving Beyond Function

Screenshot 2022-08-30 at 14.26.25.png

This 6 part online series explores our relationship with our spine in our every day movements. We look at our own relationship with those repetitive activities such as sitting down, brushing our teeth, and turning in bed  Do you go into autopilot, push, drive or hardness in any of them or do you switch off? And how does your super sensitive and delicate spine respond as you move through your day?.

Let’s go deeper with those casual movements, move beyond function and through the space we offer ourselves, listen to the wisdom of our body and all it reveals.

Dates: Tuesday 13th 20th 27th Sept 4th, 11th, 18th Oct.

Time: 6am UK time zone (30 min sessions).

Cost. £40

All recordings available until  1st Nov.


Exploring the girdles

This 3 week online course explores the beautiful interactivity between the shoulder and pelvic girdles, the diaphragm and the spine. Through presentations, gentle awareness and connective tissue exercises we shall look at everyday actions, feeling from the inside out how sensitively the whole body responds to even the smallest movements and the impact this has in allowing us free flowing integrative movement throughout.

Dates  TBC Please contact Jane for further information

From the Inside Out

Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 06.00.51.png

This 4 session online series explores the inner ‘intrinsic’ muscles of our body and how they support us. In a world that so often over emphasises exercising the bigger outer muscles, at times to the detriment of the balance and integrity of our whole muscular system, we shall bring focus to the smaller muscles that gently hold our joints in place and support our posture and alignment. From the smallest movement of our fingers to the subtle movements of our tongue, the integrative movement of the spine and the responsiveness of our feet, we shall be exercising from the inside out.

Gentle Breath Meditation ™

Screenshot 2018-04-09 15.11.20.png

This is a very simple meditation that can be done in a seated or laying down position. It focuses on being gentle with your breath and with your body and gives you a moment to step out of the busy-ness of life and into a space that supports you to let go and be in stillness.


Current classes run on Monday and Wednesday evenings. For further information or to book please email via link below.

Space Connect

Announcing a new online class – Space connect, an opportunity to give your body a gentle work out when you are sitting in a tight space. Whether, travelling by car, train or plane, or simply sitting for periods at a desk, this class will support you to connect to your body and the space within and gently exercise from that connection


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